Public Philosophy

Here are some of the philosophical pieces I’ve written for non-academic audiences.


Two philosophers explain what Inside Out gets wrong about the mind (with Jackson Kernion)

Inside Out was a beautiful, fun Pixar movie. But its metaphysics of mind was bonkers. Click through to learn how Inside Out gets it wrong.


Subway Spreading and Personal Space

Taking up too much room on the subway has gotten a lot of attention in the last few years under the label “manspreading.” But why does this spreading happen? And what does it have to do with men in particular?


How (Not) to Fall Asleep

Why can falling asleep be so difficult? I’m not looking for a third-personal story of the causal factors that adversely affect sleep. I’m asking a slightly different question: what explains that truly infuriating first-personal experience of trying desperately and yet failing miserably to fall asleep?